Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Stole as Name Tag

When we moved, I found this stole in our hope chest, amongst all the quilts.  It's actually one made by my spouse.  We made these stoles at a Create in Me retreat.   

I share it with you here because it's an interesting alternative to the traditional nametag.

A stole gives you lots of room to write information, whether it be your name, a quote that means something to you, information about your interests.

Here (above and below): a longer view of each side.

It's an easy project.  We made ours out of cheap muslin.  You can write on it with any kind of marker, since it's not going into the laundry.

A close up (below and above):

Above, you can see that you can use stamps and ink too.

To get people started, have them write their name down the edge of one side of the stole and a personality trait or interest that starts with each letter of the name.  If they aren't inspired to do more, that activity will be enough.  I'm willing to bet that most people will want to do more to fill up the space on the stole.

In the best case scenario, writing on stoles will be a great getting to know you exercise.  People will have something to do as they wait for the retreat or meeting to start, and they'll have something to discuss with each other.

And then, when everyone is done, they'll have a great way to remember who they have met, as they see the stoles around everyone's necks.

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