Sunday, October 6, 2013

Great Show, God!

Yesterday was full of delights, some of them possible because we've moved to our new house.

I woke up early, got some writing done, and thought, hey, I could walk to the beach and get there just in time for sunrise. And this time, I could take the camera.

I got to the beach about 10 minutes before sunrise.  I love watching the light change as the sun approaches the horizon.  I love the interaction of light and clouds.

And of course, I love the light breaking through.

Lately, nature has been speaking to me about the existence of God.  I'm struck by the blue of the skies.  I'm struck by the natural beauty that reaches out, even when I spend the majority of my days in and around human-made structures.

I want to be struck in this way.  I want to remember to say "Great show, God!"*  I'm a creative person, and I know how wonderful it is when someone tells me that my creation connected with them.

*I'm indebted to the (now-grown) children of my friend and mentor from my undergraduate years, the first person who paid me for my writing when she hired me to write PR pieces.  She told me about the habit that she and her children had of shouting "Great show, God!"  They'd shout this out when they saw a great sunset or some other part of nature that inspired awe.  Sometimes, riders in the minivan would be startled by the children's shout.  I was charmed. 

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