Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inviting Autumn Home

--It's that time of year when the weather doesn't match the calendar, or doesn't match it in ways that I expect.  Halloween and autumn decorations appear, yet the daytime highs are still in the 90's.  If it wasn't for the decorations and the shortening of the days, I'd barely notice the passing of the seasons.

--In some ways, I feel sad about this.  I want autumn days with a hint of woodsmoke in the air.  I want the leaves to change.  I want to unpack sweaters.  I want something that summons my attention back.

--Of course, I've rarely lived in that climate--but I've always yearned for it.

--I think of my grandmother and her sadness as summer passed into autumn and then into winter.  She hated shorter evenings.  She was one of those women who, while she lived alone in her house, didn't leave the house once darkness fell.  Late October meant the end to evening walks through the neighborhood.

--Yesterday I bought a huge bunch of sturdy autumn flowers in a beautiful bouquet.  It's a cheap way to bring Autumn indoors.  It's a great way to remember to say, "Great show God."

--I've been doing other autumnal things too:  decorating a bit and making treats like gingerbread.  If all goes well, tomorrow I'll help my church offload pumpkins.  I'll buy a few and invite autumn home that way.

--I've also been planting flowers outside.  I planted flowers in the window box that's part of my new house:

And Sunday I bought some orange-yellow marigolds.  I planted them in pots I have on hand and put them in the arches of my porch.  Hopefully, they will soon be joined by some pumpkins.

--I will hold out hope that the pumpkins won't rot too quickly in this tropical heat.  I remember doing some errands with my sister when she lived in Alexandria, Virginia.  I loved the colonial porches that had pumpkins on the steps.  I fear I will not be so lucky.  But I'm hoping for a week or two of pumpkins.


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