Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reminders of God's Good Creation

A week ago, at our Church Council meeting, we were giving our highs and lows, as part a variation  of the Faith Five exercise we've begun to do at the beginning of each meeting.  Our pastor talked about his high being a chance to get out into nature and take some of the nature photographs that he loves.

We had a brief conversation about living in an urban setting and still finding plenty of nature.  Our pastor talked about different butterflies he's seen in the southern part of the county to our south and his amazement that he doesn't find them here, not even 70 miles away.  We talked about the parks and the green spaces.

We talked about the families of foxes that lives between the community college and the regional airport.  I expressed my amazement that foxes would want to live so close to humanity (some 40,000 students, as well as other community members) and roaring airplanes.  We talked about all the hidden spaces that are there, places that would look good to foxes.

It was a good reminder that we have evidence of God's creation everywhere, even if we live in places that seem determined to pave over all of it.  We can make our own spots of resistance, places that will attract wildlife. 

A butterfly garden is easy to plant, and the sight of butterflies gives most people great joy.  Our church has planted a butterfly garden, and we've given our members encouragement and extra supplies so that we can plant a home garden too.

As we shift into August and begin to make plans for the season to come, now might be a good time to think about how we can encourage nature and heal the planet.  A simple flower garden or butterfly sanctuary is a good place to start.

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