Monday, August 19, 2013

An Answer to a Prayer

We've had our house on the market for a little over a week now.  On Saturday, we had an open house.  I stayed away--after all, that's why we have a realtor.  But I found my thoughts wandering back to the open house, and I found myself praying.

Late in the afternoon, I checked my e-mail.  No notice from the realtor, so I turned my attention to other e-mails.  I wrote to a pastor friend.  Here's what I wrote:

"As I type, our realtor is wrapping up an open house at our old house, which we're hoping to sell quickly, now that we've moved into the new house. I feel guilty about praying for the kind of good fortune that an offer on the house (followed by an easy closing) would be--still, if you're inclined to pray, that's my need this month.

I'm trying to think of it differently--that house would be a blessing for many families. Please God, help us connect the right buyer with that house--and if possible, let it be this month!

A better prayer perhaps."

At the same time, my spouse was driving back from a Board meeting at Luther Springs.  He, too, was praying that the right family discover our house, that God send them our way.

I went back to my e-mail after sending the e-mail to my pastor friend.  Lo and behold, the realtor had written in the intervening time to tell me we had an offer!

I have science friends and doubter friends who would be too happy to explain all of this away in terms of coincidence.  The rational part of my brain agrees.  My believer brain sees it differently.

We spent the week-end negotiating.  We have ended up with a verbal agreement.  The money is a bit lower than our greedy selves wanted, but we think it's fair to both parties.  And if all goes well, we can get the house sold by the end of September. 

Sure, we could leave the house on the market for awhile longer, but we're happy to be done with it.  It's time to move on.  It's time for someone else to enjoy all the delights that house has to offer.

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