Monday, July 8, 2013

Theological Lessons from a Sailing Trip

We are back from a brief sailing trip.  I'm lucky to have family with a sailboat, and I'm truly blessed that they invite us along for a trip each year.  Let me record some theological whisps that came to me on this trip.

--We sailed to anchor out for a few days, which meant we went without much of what society would tell us we need, in favor of what religious traditions would tell us is truly important:  time in nature, time with loved ones, time with more quiet, time to sleep.  It's good to be reminded, but it does make me wonder how I can bring these lessons with me longer into my return time.  I'm often on track for a day or two, but then again I'm swamped with regular life.

--My 7 year old nephew was classifying people.  He seemed to say that people in Heaven are better than people on earth.  I just heard this nugget as I passed by, and I don't want to be that relative who always jumps in to correct or to engage.  Besides, I needed some time to ponder.  Are we perfected when we get to Heaven?  Did my nephew mean that people in Heaven are in a better place?

--I loved being in a more natural environment.  The trees seemed a different kind of green up in Maryland.  The Chesapeake is very different than the Atlantic off the coast of South Florida.

--They both teem with jellyfish, though.  I kept reminding myself that jellyfish are God's creatures too.

--I was reminded again and again that we have everything we need.  We may think we need more, but we live in an abundant world.  The capitalist world tells us that we need more, more, more, but a sailing trip reminds us that a chicken neck can bring us an abundance of crabs--a tasty supper.

--And now, regular life summons me back.  I'll try to remember the lessons of this sailing trip.  I'll try to remember to say thank you.  I'll try to remember to ask for what I need and to rest secure in the knowledge that God is there for me.

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