Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prayer for a Day of Many Meetings

Today is a day of many meetings. It's the kind of day in the life of an administrator that I like least.

We have an All-School meeting in the morning. Then we have a faculty meeting in the afternoon. I close my day at work by having a Library Committee meeting. And then, I head over to my church for a Church Council meeting.

In a way, I like having all the meetings done in one day. But just the thought of it exhausts me before the day even starts.

So, let me create a prayer for this day of many meetings:

God of community, on this day of many meetings, I pray for good spirits and a cheerful attitude.  Let me remember how lucky I am.  Let me offer prayers for all I will see today.  Let us remember all who are not so fortunate, among them those who have no jobs that require meetings.  Let us stay even-tempered and optimistic, even as the news we may get may tempt us to other paths  Keep us all in your loving care and shape us to be like you.

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