Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Free Will, Faith, and the House Buying Process

On my creativity blog today, I wrote this:

"We were so very lucky on moving day. But I've been saying that during every step of our house buying adventure. For example, I just stumbled across the listing for the house on Zillow, even though the owner was no longer thinking of the house as being for sale. With each step of the way, it's felt like it was meant to be.

I know, I know: I'm a rational person. I know there could be 20 houses out there that would inspire similar feelings. Actually, I know that I'm supposed to think that. With this house and the last one, we looked at so many houses, but only one jumped out at me."

It's my creativity blog, so although I sometimes meander into the realms of the spiritual, I try to keep them separate.  Even as I was writing those lines, I was thinking about the ideas in this post that I wrote on this blog about 6 weeks ago:

"--As we've moved through this process, I've felt protected and guided at every level. You might say it's because I've been praying more. You might say it's because I'm delusional.

--It's important to remember that throughout my life, I have often felt most protected and guided as I've taken risks and taken leaps toward the life I really want to be living. I believe in a God of abundance. These times of risk taking and being open to possibilities can test that belief. I don't want to live in a fear-based economy. I want to live in faith, not in fear and doubt."

I put it another way to people who won't get offended or upset at this idea:  I have felt held by caring hands in this process.  Put another way, I have felt held by God's caring hands the whole way.

I know the next question:  where is free will in all of this?  I have several answers.

--I asked for help and guidance.  I try to remember to do that on a regular basis, but during the house buying process, it was much easier to remember.

--I believe that if we ask for help and guidance, then God doesn't violate the rules of a free will universe.  I have asked, after all.  God can respond.

--And even with God's response, I still have free will in my actions. I don't have to accept help and guidance.

And now it is on to the next step of this process.  It is time to sell the old house.

Yes, we've done this process in the reverse way that most people do it.  Again, luck or guidance?  In any event, I'm grateful.

And I'm open and willing to help and guidance when it comes to selling the old house.

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