Saturday, April 21, 2012

Transforming the Desolate Valley

One of the advantages of praying the hours using Phyllis Tickle's wonderful book, The Divine Hours, is that I often see Bible verses in new ways.  Even though I've read the verse before, I'll find something new leaping out at me.

Last night's Vesper readings included Psalm 84.  I was struck by the last passage that talked about moving through the desolate valley which would become a land of springs and rain.  Some translations say the valley of Baca, but I like Tickle's translation much better.  Desolate valley--what a resonant phrase.

It hit me:  we have to go through the desolate valley.  Just because we're blessed to be on the pilgrim's way, it doesn't mean we'll avoid the desolate valley.

By going through the desolate valley, we leave it transformed.  But first, we must make that descent.


Di said...

I like this. I read somewhere recently (Momastery, I think?) that life isn't hard because we're doing it wrong, it's just hard. The desolate valley makes me think of that.

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting--I love the quote that you reference. Life is hard because it's simply hard at times--good to remember!