Friday, April 27, 2012

BOLD Justice: Does It Matter?

Our ecumenical group, BOLD Justice, has grown so large that we can no longer hold our annual Nehemiah event/rally at a church.  We are too many people.

We had a huge group last night; for more information on what we wanted and background on why we wanted it, see this post that I wrote yesterday.

Do these efforts really make a difference?  Some days, I suspect that the politicians will say anything.  In this age of promising anything, it's also intriguing to see what they won't say.  I want to think that when politicians show up and see over 2000 people gathered, it makes some kind of impact.

It's also important for me personally.  Some days, I get discouraged.  It's good to take action.  At work, I'm surrounded by people who love to take a morally outraged stance.  On and on and on they talk.  But they don't actually do anything, not even so much as writing a letter or making a phone call.  They certainly don't run for office or work in a food bank or organize information sessions.  No, they'd rather just have passionate discussions with people who already agree with them.

What is the point of that?

Far better to show up on a Thursday night and make some demands of politicians.  And we'll be watching, to see if they follow through.

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