Friday, December 9, 2011

A Basket of Angels

A year ago, I created this photo essay about angels.  I'm not an angel person in the traditional sense.  I don't see angels in a warm, fuzzy light.  I won't wear them as decoration.  I don't want to trivialize them in that way.  If I saw an angel, I'd expect to be terrified, since they so often begin their encounters with humans by telling humans not to be afraid.

Still, something about the way that humans depict angels makes me want to photograph them.  And I've found a surprising amount of joy throughout the past year going back to that photo essay.  So, on this one year anniversary, let me post another series of photos of angel depictions.

At Mepkin Abbey, I was struck by this basket of angels (angel ornaments, that is):

What do angels think of from their tree tops?

Angels and gadgets that add oxygen to wine more quickly

Even angels need to sit down.

Were the artists thinking of angels when they painted the canvases below?

And my favorite angel ornament from my own collection:

This ornament comes from Haiti, and I love its Caribbean vibe.  I love the exuberant colors that traditional Haitian artists use.  I love that this angel is non-traditional.

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