Monday, December 12, 2011

Prophetic Voices in Our Wildernesses

I found yesterday's Old Testament reading (Isaiah 61:  1-4, 8-11) profoundly moving, with its talk of building up the ancient ruins, raising up the foremer devastations, repairing the ruined cities.  And Psalm 126 has always been one of my favorites:  "When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, then we were like those who dream."

I don't remember being similarly moved 3 years ago, when we last dropped by these readings in the Lectionary cycle.  Of course, then, we were only at the beginning of the Great Recession.  Now I have no idea how we'll move forward.  The prophetic texts offer me a vision that I desperately need.

Our pastor focused on the Gospel.  He opened with a story of a little boy who asked him, "Pastor, are you Jesus?"  And from there, he moved into a sermon that reminded us that every aspect of our lives can lead others to Jesus.  We can be John the Baptist.

He marveled at this idea that God trusts us to point the way to God by our actions, our speech, our relationships, every bit of our being.

He asked the question, "Will you be bold enough for people to see Christ in you?"

He ended by having us look at our hands.  He said "These are the hands that God has entrusted to be Christ in the world."

Mine was holding a pen!

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