Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm not one of those angel people--I don't wear an angel as my lapel pin, I don't read books about angels, and I'm pretty sure I'd rather not meet any. I don't have this warm, fuzzy view of angels that many Americans have. I'm sure that if I saw one, I'd faint in fear and wonder. There's a reason why every angel appearance begins with the words, "Be not afraid."

But as I look at my Christmas decorations, I might need to rethink my position. Maybe I am an angel person.

The picture below shows an ornament made by a Haitian artist.

My mother gave me the angel below. She got it from a craft fair at church. I like its ruggedness.

Interesting to compare the angels made of metal (the Haitian ornament is actually made of metal too). The angel below came from Asheville. It's a much shinier ornament, with silver and gold and arms that move.

Our tree top angel came from a student many years ago. When I taught at my first full-time job at a community college in the Charleston, SC area, a student in my basic English class gave it to me. As state employees, we weren't supposed to accept gifts from anyone; the previous summer, several legislators had been indicted for taking bribes for votes (puny bribes too!), and tough ethics laws had been enacted. But I simply couldn't give her gift back: all those hours of crocheting work. I decided to accept her gift and hope for the best.

The angel below comes from El Salvador. Some day, maybe I'll get a complete creche set. I love the Central American style that this angel represents.

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