Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Theology of "Bottle Shock"

Last night we watched Bottle Shock, an intriguing movie about winemaking and love of the land. Along the way, viewers learn about how Napa Valley wines won world-wide respect.

Much of the way through the movie, I thought, vineyards, prodigal sons, redemption: I'm watching a theological movie!

Now it's not overtly theological the way that some movies are. But the themes are familiar to most of us who make our way to church on any given week-end. And in our time of global devastation of the planet, the message about care of the land seems particularly relevant.

Here's a quote from the movie for your Sunday (down here it's rainy, hot, and steamy): "Wine is sunlight held together with water." The movie gives the credit to Galileo.

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