Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Thoughts, For Now, on Yesterday's Gospel

Our pastor finished his sermon yesterday by saying, "Are we filling barns or blessing lives? Because in the Gospel lessons that are coming, Jesus is very clear. We can't do both."

It's a hard lesson for modern Americans to hear, although with the recent downturn, perhaps we're more open to the message that we can't serve two masters. We've seen what a harsh master modern capitalism can be.

What would happen if we really believed that God would provide for all our needs? We'd free up a lot of time for other people if we didn't have to constantly manage our money. We'd free up a lot of emotional space for our fellow humans if we could free ourselves from the fear that comes with money.

I'll be the first to confess that I struggle with this issue as much as anyone else. It's easier for me to trust God when I have a cash cushion--but of course, I'm not really trusting God that way, am I?

Filling barns or blessing lives? Let me make the right choice.

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Sam said...

making the choice in the head is always easier than actually doing it :) esp when the coffers echo!!