Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Thoughts on Yesterday's Gospel

Our pastor, in his sermon yesterday, reminded us that the Kingdom of God will likely not be neat and tidy. He gave us many examples of ways that the modern church tries to make the Kingdom neat and tidy--by managing who reads the lessons for example. You can probably think of many more examples. How would your church respond if a smelly homeless person attended service? What if the smelly, homeless person was hallucinating?

Time and again, our Scriptures remind us that God is on the side of the smelly, the homeless, the hallucinating--the poor and the outcast. We should be too.

Our pastor cautioned us that the Kingdom of God may not be in our best interest, at least not in the way that the secular world understands our better interests. Jesus came to point us towards a whole different set of best interests. And most of us are likely to be just as open to the message as the Pharisees were in their day.

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