Friday, April 30, 2010

Off to Synod Assembly

Will I blog the Synod Assembly? Last year Thrivent had set up computers with Internet access that we could use for free. If that's the case, perhaps I'll post. Otherwise, I'll report back on Monday.

This year, I've packed the camera. Last year, I barely knew how to use the camera. Now I find myself wishing for a better camera. Mine is perfectly fine, except that I can't snap lots of pictures one after another. The camera needs about 30 seconds to reset itself. Usually, it's no big deal. But at the retreat at Lutheridge, I missed a few shots because of it.

I've packed good books to read, and a swimsuit, just in case I can steal some time to relax by a pool. I'll be buying some food to have in the room. There's not enough time to go off site for food (at least, based on last year), and the on site restaurants were either pricey or wretched (or both!).

Will we do any important legislative work? It's hard to imagine that we can do anything that would have more impact than the work we did last year. I'm willing to be happily surprised.

There will be some workshops, but I don't remember what I signed up for. I'm sure it will be useful somehow.

Off I go, first to spin class, then to a morning meeting at work, and then a drive to Orlando, and then, finally then, Synod Assembly. I'm trying not to be tired just thinking of it.

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