Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday Reflections

Easter Sunday was long, as I knew it would be, but enjoyable. The part I enjoyed the most? Making Easter cards for Lutheran missionaries.

I wasn't sure how that would go. I had the idea fairly late in the Easter prep/planning time. But I knew that we have lots of construction paper in the supply closet, and lots of other supplies, so I decided to set up a few tables and see what would happen.

The tables were on the stage of our fellowship hall, which was set up for breakfast. As I hoped, many children came up to make a card while their parents finished their meal. They were fairly peaceful together as they made cards. We made about 20 cards.

I'm always amazed at how creative children can be. I made mundane cards, like the kind you'd buy in a store, but not as interesting. The children cut out shapes and made tri-fold cards and created all sorts of interesting cards.

I like hanging out with kids. It's neat to see the world in new ways.

The second most wondrous part of Easter? After making cards, we all went out into the butterfly garden, where we got a crash course in butterflies and flowers. We saw butterfly eggs! They're little tiny specks that you wouldn't see as a butterfly. But low and behold, soon there's a baby caterpillar where once there was a speck, and we know how the rest of the story will likely unfold. What a great activity for Easter!

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