Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday Report

Yesterday I was in charge of church, so I left the house early.  Overall, it was a good morning.  I knew that my sermon would talk about Pharisees, and I thought I might also talk about cracked clay pots.  I had forgotten that the Old Testament lesson gave us the original commandment to keep the Sabbath holy--so I talked briefly about the origins of this idea that we've spent centuries fighting about.

How do we keep the Sabbath in a way that pleases God and pleases us?  There are likely more ways than many of us have wanted to let ourselves believe.

Yesterday, I kept the Sabbath the way that many in my family have always kept the Sabbath:  by spending a chunk of the day in church.

I think that it's been ages since Pentecost, but yesterday, I was reminded that it's only been two weeks.  Before the late service, I heard parishioners talking about the beauty of Pentecost banners and mosaics we'd made.  Those comments made me very happy

I've been changing the elements a bit each week.  The picture below is of Pentecost:

I've since moved all the mosaics to the altar and added some candles.   Here's a view from the back:


Now it's time to think about what kinds of projects should come next.  There's a huge, beige space at the front of the sanctuary.  I'm envisioning filling it with green of some sort.  We could paint canvases and hang them on push pins.  We could do a weaving.  We could do so much . . .

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