Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Multiseasonal Desk

Somewhere, perhaps a sociologist or a grad student is working on an analysis of how we amuse ourselves at work.  There are easy answers that involve birthday cakes.  Even how we decorate--an obvious approach.

I have not always decorated for every season at work.  I haven't always had space of my own, and I've often been using my decorations at home.  I've been hesitant until recently to use decorations that have a clear religious theme.  I remember putting a plastic canvas stitched by my grandmother on my office door, and the main response I got was, "You know this is a Christian symbol, right?"

I always said, "Before that, it was a pagan symbol."

I said something similar yesterday, as I started decorating for our Spring into Health event:

Yesterday, I started decorating with Easter eggs.  And then, just for fun, I added my little pumpkin to the mix:

I did think about all the posts I've seen about not mixing Easter into our Lent.  And yes, I understand.  But the themes and images of Lent don't really fit with the festival atmosphere we're trying to create.

I decided to amuse myself further by adding some Christmas to the mix! My Christmas 2016 poinsettia is finally starting to turn red.

As I mixed the seasons and holidays, I thought about what our latest knowledge of Physics might tell us.  Let me grossly oversimplify:  this idea that time moves in a line is an illusion created by our brains which can handle a straight narrative, but not the concept of timelessness and eternity.

Any time that I create, I try to think about the ultimate creator.  I imagine God smiling at my feeble attempts to show that I understand quantum physics.  I imagine God offering a summer item to make the seasonal ensemble complete.

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