Friday, February 16, 2018

Ash Wednesday Imagery

On Ash Wednesday, I was assisting minister, so I didn't have as much time to sketch.  Some years I have more time at church before the service, as I would arrive with my spouse for choir rehearsal and sketch while he rehearsed.  This year, I got there a bit early, but I used that time to take pictures.

I'm not always able to capture the quality of light that I'd like to, but I did like this shot:

I love the huge tree branch that our pastor found and brought in--it was the perfect size. 

I love the way it curves around the cross.

That image found its way into my spare sketch.

I thought about using different lines from Isaiah.  That language about being the repairer of the breach has spoken to me before.

This year, with news of the awful school shooting ringing in my head and so much hurricane repair left to do, I feel too exhausted to ponder how to repair all of our breaches.  I feel parched, in need of water. Thus, my sketch for this year.

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