Friday, July 7, 2017

Some Cures for the Summer Doldrums

So, here we are, after Independence Day, on the long, slow slide of summer into fall.  And yet, for those of us church goers, we don't have much to look forward to, in terms of festivals or changing paraments or anything that can punctuate these doldrums.

Let me remind myself of some of the summer joys that I still need to enjoy and how they can help illuminate an inner life.

--I have yet to light a fire in the fire pit.  In some ways, now that we're into the months where the evening low temperatures never dip below 80 degrees, a fire makes no sense.  But it might lift my mood, as I thought about flame as metaphor for the Divine.  Or I could toast marshmallows and remember summer camping trips.

--Some of my friends are helping out at summer camps across the nation.  While I can't do that, let me think about elements of camp that I could do on my own:  some devotional time, some singing of camp songs perhaps.  Maybe it's time for a different kind of arts and crafts!

--Let me enjoy the fruits of the season, especially melons.  Let me rejoice in the diversity that God has created.

--There's still time for a barbecue or two or three.  Down here, we grill year round.  But maybe I could add some seasonal treats to the grill:  corn on the cob comes to mind.

--I need to swim more.  I need to go to the ocean at least once to feel the power of the sea.  I need to remember that while my body can't do everything it once can do, it can do a lot.  Let me also remember to stretch.

--Summer is a great time for good books.  Let me remember to read.  So many books, so little time.

--Let me take advantage of longer stretches of light--we're losing about a minute of light each day.  It's a slow leak.  Let me watch sunrises and sunsets and think about how to be the light of the world.

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