Sunday, July 30, 2017

End of Season Reminders

This week will be one where some camp counselors do not report for duty--and for many others, this will be the last week of camp.  Summer is quickly ending.

I feel a bit of sorrow for all that I haven't yet done.  Our summers last a lot longer down here, so there's still time for swimming in the pool, something I haven't done as regularly this year.  Maybe I'll come across a good farmer's market and get some fresh corn.

I got a shoe coupon yesterday, but the sandals aren't yet on the end-of-season clearance sales--still, I picked up two pairs that were reduced. 

At church, we're still in the long, boring green season--at least, that's how my childhood self saw it.  No changing of parament colors.  No festivals.  Nothing to break up the liturgy, which never changed enough for my childhood self.

Later in August, we will bless students and backpacks, but that doesn't feel like a high festival day to me, no matter how many cupcakes we serve.  I am tired of the relentless heat which makes me not want to leave the house.  I am ready for a change of seasons, both in terms of church calendar and nature, but it won't arrive for awhile.

So, let me plan some end-of-summer festivals for myself.  My sister and 11 year old nephew will be here in a few weeks--maybe we will make time for s'mores and hot dogs over an open fire.  Let me enjoy a few more weeks of lingering light with a glass of white wine sangria to toast the beauty.  Let me enjoy the liturgical season that doesn't require the hectic pace of Advent or Lent.

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