Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mepkin Ramble

Two weeks ago, I'd be halfway done with my ramble through the Mepkin Abbey grounds.  Because we had so little downtime, I had to make some decisions, and on Sunday, I decided to skip the 6:30 service and walk the grounds.

The sunrise was beautiful, but I couldn't really capture the colors:

I headed over to the labyrinth.  I tried to walk slowly and meditatively, but it wasn't as easy for me as it sometimes is.

I was enchanted by some of the plants that make the labyrinth rings:

Then I walked towards the river.  Once again, I tried to get some pictures of the statue.

I approached the river from the family gravesite and gardens, rather than from the parking area.  My heart leapt up as I saw some hydrangea bushes in bloom.  Do I love these flowers more than azaleas?  It's a different love.  Here's the view looking back:

I heard the deep, disturbing call of the alligators.  I felt cautious about getting too close to water.

I took these stairs because I knew they'd get me to a the field that's part of the retreat center.

And then, I discovered some turtle shells.  It took me awhile to realize they were dead turtles.  Did they crawl up there to die?  Did some animal snatch them from the water and eat them there?  Was I looking at the discarded trash from that meal?

I took a picture of this piece of heavy equipment--the Mepkin earth moving machine!  Sounds like a good children's book . . .

I added some stones to the cairns that had fallen down.

And then it was time to get ready for the Eucharist service.

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