Monday, June 26, 2017

A Different Kind of Sunday: AC Repair

Yesterday was different than most Sundays when we are in town.  We're usually out the door by 9:30, so that my spouse can get to choir rehearsal at 10:00.  I go to both the 9:45 service and the 11:00 service.  Afterwards we usually stay to count the money and make the deposit.

Yesterday morning as I was making my coffee, I thought, hmm, the air blowing out of the vents isn't as cool as I thought.  I went outside to discover that the fan blade wasn't turning.  I turned off the AC, hoping that as with some computer issues, a reboot would be all we needed.

Nope--the AC was definitely not working.  We made the decision to get it fixed yesterday, even though it meant paying a holiday/week-end charge.  We both have the kind of heavy duty schedule this week that would make it hard to find another day to get it done, which means hanging out waiting for the repair person.

And since we needed to wait, we both stayed home--besides, it was too late to get to church anyway.  It was interesting to have a very different Sunday morning.  I felt we should have brunch or work on a crossword puzzle or do one of those things that people do instead of going to church.

It wasn't a completely non-spiritual morning.  I listened to the delightful and spiritual conversation that Krista Tippett had with Martin Sheen on this morning's episode of On Being. I usually tune in to the show, but it's not always as wonderful as it was yesterday.

And throughout the repair process, I remembered to feel gratitude.   I was grateful that we have the money for the repair and that we were able to be put on the Sunday schedule.  I was grateful that the house didn't heat up too quickly.  We didn't have AC again until after 2, and the temperature didn't go above 81 degrees.  Hurray for high ceilings and trees that give shade!  And I was grateful for downtime, which allowed me to get a lot of things done.

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