Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ukulele Sunday Evenings at the Parsonage

A few years ago, one of our church members got a ukulele for Christmas.  She plays the upright bass, but she had wanted an instrument that was more portable.  She started to teach herself, and then she got hooked up with the ukulele community, and then she played with a small group.  The small group has played at our early Christmas Eve service for several years.

Along the way, other members of our church have gotten ukuleles too, and even more people are interested.  Thus was born our summer ministry of sorts.

For five weeks, we will meet at 6:00 at the parsonage.  We will have 45 minutes of ukulele lessons, followed by a food break, followed by a jam session that include any instruments that people want to bring along.  Last week we had a guitar, a violin, a harmonica, the upright bass, and a mandolin.  Last week was a great time of fellowship and of making all sorts of joyful noises.

We got a grant from Thrivent, which we used to buy some ukuleles to loan to people who want to see if they like the instrument before they commit.  After this series of ukulele Sundays, we will see what ministry might develop:  something with children that grows out of VBS?  Something with a travelling band?

In the past week, I've read several references to music groups that go to people who are dying in the hospital, often to be with them at the moment of death.  That seems like such a joyous way to leave this incarnation of the body.

I've also spent the past week thinking of the Sunday at the parsonage, trying to determine how I would classify it.

Was it worship?  Yes, of a sort.  Was it Word and Sacrament?  Not the way that Lutherans have traditionally understood and celebrated.  But in my non-traditional way of thinking, it was.  We wouldn't have gathered together if we didn't already know each other from church, so our gatherings often take on a sacramental feel.  Last Sunday felt more sacramental than many of our fellowship times.

I wonder what the next 4 weeks will bring--I look forward to finding out.

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