Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trinity in Two Takes

Two weeks ago, on Trinity Sunday, I wanted to sketch something that commemorated the day.  I decided on three circles--not exactly original, but I went ahead.  I came up with this image, before I ran out of time:

I hadn't thought that I would return to it.  When my spouse recognized it as the Trinity, I thought that maybe I had been too quick to dismiss it.  He suggested that I use the colors to do something with the background, the white space.

I wanted something that suggested movement and breath for the background.  I think I did that, but I'm not crazy about the colors--they look too much like festive picnicware--but maybe that's not such a bad image for God.

We had a baptism on Trinity Sunday.  I much prefer that image that I sketched.

Does this baptism image tell us about the Trinity?

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