Friday, March 11, 2016

Prayer Loom in Progress

We are in the process of creating a prayer loom.  It began when I saw a link to this article on Facebook.  I thought, that could be neat for Vacation Bible School.  A few days later, my pastor wrote to ask if I thought my spouse could create a prayer loom and sent the same link.

I can tell when the Holy Spirit is trying to get my attention.

Here, as in many places where God beckons, my first response was, "I don't have enough time."

But of course there is time.  My spouse had this week off for Spring Break, and his dad and step-mom came for a visit.  His dad is very handy, and my hope was that they'd construct it during their time together.

On Wed. night, I came home to this sight:

Some women rejoice in flowers, but I rejoice in a prayer loom in progress.

These four sides will eventually be made into a square, a 4 x 6 foot square.  I still need to figure out a way to make it stable and able to stand by itself--a project for next week-end.

I am struck by the nails protruding from wood.  I like its Good Friday feel, this reminder that Holy Week will soon be upon us.

I like the way these ideas travel.  My in-laws will now take this idea back with them to their small church outside of Memphis.

I like the simplicity of this project.  Most of us can hammer a nail into wood.  And all sorts of wood would be suitable for this project.  We could reclaim wood from other projects.  And if we have anyone in our congregation who knits or crochets, we will have an abundance of yarn for the loom.

I look forward to seeing what my congregation does with this prayer loom, and of course, I will report back.

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