Monday, March 21, 2016

Prayer Loom in Progress Part 2

On Saturday, we put some feet on the prayer loom and assembled it, just to be sure it could be done.  Here's a shot of the feet, but it's at the church. 

I wanted to transport it in its assembled state, but it wouldn't fit in the car.  So, we transported it in 4 pieces and put it together at church:

We decided to have it sit with its longer edge along the floor.  My spouse thought it would be easier for children to use it that way, and I think he's right.  But it's light enough that it could be put on a table, if we wanted.

It's attached with wing nuts at each corner.  Each corner is notched and designed to fit specific piece of wood to specific piece of wood.  But the last corner is always difficult.

So now, the prayer loom sits empty, waiting for the yarn that we bought on our way home from church.  The plan is to use it as part of our Maundy Thursday service.  I look forward to being part of the service and seeing how it all comes together.

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