Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lutheran Field Report

Yesterday, we had a wonderful breakfast with our old campus pastor and Religion professor who was in town.  He came to our house, and then we headed to the beach.  We drove because it was a hot and humid morning.  We had a tasty breakfast with a lovely view, although it was scorchingly hot with no breeze.

Over breakfast, we had a great conversation about the value of turning off cell phones so that face-to-face connection can be made.  We talked about the value of church camp, as a way to leave our technology behind for a time. 

We talked about how rare it is to share a meal with not one cell phone on the table.  We talked about how many people say that the only face to face conversations that they have is at camp, where connectivity is iffy.

We also caught up on news of classmates and news of Lutherans from across the southeast.  Our former campus pastor does a lot of travelling from Synod to Synod on behalf of Novus Way, which oversees 4 Lutheran church camps.  He says he's energized by what he sees going on in individual churches and Synods.  He noted that lay people, especially, these days are doing amazing things.

How wonderful to hear this report from the field.  How wonderful to be still be connected in so many ways.

I left for work feeling nourished in all sorts of ways. 

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