Monday, October 5, 2015

A Prayer for Those Who Face the Flood

I have lived in several parts of South Carolina, before moving to Florida, and I'm seeing pictures from across South Carolina, particularly Columbia--yikes!  I can scarcely comprehend the scope of that flooding.  I'm seeing buildings that I recognize, buildings with water almost up to the roof.  I'm seeing road and interstates that I recognize that look like rivers now.

I am reminded that nothing--nothing--that I have to deal with this week is of any consequence at all.  I still have some staffing of classes left to figure out, but I am safe and dry, my house is not damaged, the city's water system is still operating, and no one is in danger from the decisions that I make.

I am hoping that dry up and clean up go quickly and that everyone is safe when the floodwaters recede.  But let me do more than hope.  Let me pray:

Oh God of All Weather, please be with your people who cannot escape the relentless rain.  Please bring them comfort as they sit in the darkness, waiting for the restoration of services.  When the floodwaters recede, please be with them as they face the enormous clean up.  Remind us all of your promise

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