Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pope and Integrated Lives

I've been intrigued by people's response to the Pope.  I know one colleague who watched the wall-to-wall news coverage, although she's Jewish.  Even my atheist friend watched some of the coverage.  Most commenters talk about the Pope's authenticity.

He does seem to be a man with a consistent message and a compelling vision.  He seems to be living a life in accordance with his values. 

It's what we should be able to expect from our leaders.  But sadly, we've come to accept much, much less. 

But I do wonder if the Pope has always been able to be so integrated.  I think of his time as a bishop in Argentina during a time of a repressive regime.  From what I can tell, he did not speak out at that time.  Granted, he may have worked more quietly behind the scenes.  But he was not the blazing figure of integrity that we see now.

I take courage from the arc of the Pope's story.  It gives me hope that we can continue to correct our trajectory.  If we are not yet doing all that we can to bend the arc of history towards justice (to use the words of Martin Luther King), there is still time. 

I also think about all the narratives that present people as being saved for a particular time in history.  The pope does seem to be just who we need right now.

It's another comforting idea.  If we're not living up to our full potential, perhaps God is saving us for a time when we'll blaze forth.

But can humanity wait?  Let us correct our trajectories now.

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