Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Papal Pilgrimages

We are back from our annual sailing trip--for more details on the trip itself, see this post on my creativity blog.

My brother-in-law has been Catholic since birth, and my sister converted.  So, while there, we talked about the pope.  My brother-in-law has a picture of himself being blessed by the pope when he was a child.  He's thinking of taking my nephew to see the pope when he comes to the D.C. area.  They likely won't get close enough for a blessing, but it would be enough to be in the area.

So many of us feel this way about this pope.  Before we left, I was talking to a friend whose daughter is in a Catholic elementary school, and the subject of conversion came up.  We both agreed that this pope makes the idea more attractive than it has ever been--she was raised a Free Methodist, and me a Lutheran. 
I've also been hearing people talk about how wonderful they find the idea of a Year of Mercy.  I sense a yearning for mercy that is a fierce hunger.  How would lives change if we posted our yearnings for mercy on Facebook with as much frequency as our various angers?

I'm remembering the first year of grad school when Pope John Paul II came to the University of South Carolina campus.  I had a friend from Georgia Tech come to Columbia, SC just to see him as he addressed students on the Horseshoe.  I've always regretted not going there with him.

Still, I will not take any pilgrimages to see the pope when he comes to the U.S. this time.  But I will be grateful to him for the goodness that he inspires in people.

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Anonymous said...

You convert to the RC Church? LMAO At least you as a LINO would have to remove Lutheran from your post.