Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Yearnings

If time and money had been no object, I'd have spent the last week at the writing conference, Beyond Walls.  But it was a lot of money for me right now.  An even bigger hurdle was the time:  it was the first week of classes, and that's never a good time to be away from my job.  Since I had already been gone for the first week of last quarter, I thought it wasn't a great idea to ask for leave again.

I'm glad that Rachel Barenblat has been posting about some of her experiences being part of the faculty and being part of the community.  I particularly liked this post, with her slides, about being a blogging rabbi.

I've been to a variety of creativity retreats and conferences, but never one that focuses exclusively on writing and spirituality of all sorts.  I must be on the lookout for this kind of conference again in the future.  I should start saving some money now.

I'd also be interested in being not just a participant but also a leader.  I wonder how those leaders are chosen?

And of course, I would love, love, love to spend all of my work days involved in this kind of work, the intersection of writing and spirituality.  How many of these departments exist in academia?  How can I be more connected with them?

So, let me put these yearnings out there.  Let me once again return to this process of discernment and visioning for a different future.  Let me start to change the trajectory of my little coracle of a life.

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