Friday, July 24, 2015

Nuns in the Neighborhood

Last night as I drove home, I noticed a nun walking down my block.  I decided this was the chance I had been waiting for.

I know that we have a large house where nuns live--it's 7 blocks from my house.  Occasionally I see a nun in the bank or the grocery store, but rarely do I see them on my block. 

I've wanted to know more about them, but it seems invasive to just pull in the driveway and knock on the door--although their house looks more like a building at a retreat center than a regular house. 

So, when I saw the nun walking down my street, I waved and walked towards her.  I introduced myself and said I'd been wondering about them.

The nun told me that they're an order of nuns from Nigeria.  I didn't quite catch the name:  Sisters of Mary of  ________.  She told me that they're an order devoted to the idea of giving love to all.  Seems like a sound, though broad, mission statement to me.  She told me I could come to their home anytime, after I said I had wanted to drop in to find out more about them.

They are nuns who wear headdresses, but I didn't ask about that.  They all seem to have the same basic dress, but they wear differing shades of lavender and purple, which I'm guessing signifies the type of vows they have taken.

It was a charming encounter--and to be honest, a bit surreal--a lovely way to end the day.

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