Saturday, June 13, 2015

Art with a Message

Earlier today, I was looking through old photos to go with this blog post about a Festival of Fabrics and different ways of looking at fabrics.  I came across this picture:

Do you see the cross in the fabric piece?

look closely and you'll see the outline I drew

I made this for myself after making something similar for a colleague/friend/former boss who was moving away.  She was a Christian who had large pictures of Jesus with a bloody crown of thorns.  For years she'd had the pictures on her office walls.  But when she moved to a state school, she thought she might not be allowed to hang them.

I wanted to give here something to fill the void, something to hang on the walls that only she would know was a symbol of her faith.  A Jesus dripping blood is not subtle.  The piece of fabric art that I created was.

At the time, I thought I might create a cottage industry making such things.  But then, the job I had then morphed into the job I have now, and I don't have time right now to make that dream a reality.

In the job I have now, I am reminded of how important it can be to be surrounded by items that call us to be our best selves.  Many of us spend more time in our offices than we do in our homes.  I still see a need for art that affirms, art that reminds us of who we want to be, to whom we belong.

I like keeping blogs because I can record ideas I've had.  I may not have time to act on them now, but perhaps in the future.  And in the meantime, should someone else feel inspired, please go ahead.  The Holy Spirit speaks to us in a variety of ways!

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