Friday, June 5, 2015

A Poem for a Week of Thinking about the Transgendered

I began the week with poems; let me close the week with a poem.

I've spent the week thinking and writing about gender issues and the ideas that swirl around an Olympic athlete who begins the transition to a different gender.  I've thought about my series of poems about Jesus, the series of poems that imagines what would happen if Jesus came back in our current world and moved amongst us today.

I have been thinking about Jesus moving among the poor and the outcast.  I have often wondered if we recognize the poor and the outcast in our societies.

I've been heartened by the wide responses that I've seen that are accepting of Caitlyn Jenner.  But I also know that her money buys her a lot of protection.  I've been worried about all the transgendered people out there who will never feel that love and acceptance.

I have a vision of Jesus hanging out with those transgendered people.

Years ago, I wrote a poem.  I have thought that it might be a bit too short, a bit too underdeveloped.  But it seems right for this week.

Manicures for the Homeless

The members of the church fund raising
team ask Jesus to help
plan the golf tournament. Jesus thinks
back to all his teaching and wonders
how his parables
led his followers to this exclusive golf
course for the rich.

Jesus prefers to sit with the pre-op
transsexual, to talk about the difficulty
of finding attractive women’s clothes
in larger sizes. Jesus organizes manicures
for the homeless and fashions
shoes out of old tires
for feet which have a far
distance to travel.

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