Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ash Wednesday Sensibilities as Pentecost Approaches

Pentecost approaches.  But what about those of us who are still stuck back at Ash Wednesday?

I feel like a person who has a seasonal clock that's off.  I think of my friend who put sweaters on through the summer, as I stripped off layers that I had sweated through.  Other people are dreaming visions and being gifted to do great things, and I'm poking around in the ashes.

My latest post over at the Living Lutheran site explores this idea.  Here are some quotes to whet your appetite:

"I want to be ready to be infused and sent out to be a blessing. I fear I am more like Lot's wife, looking back. Or maybe there's some other biblical person, the one who says, 'This speaking in tongues is very nice, but who is going to fix the roof?'"

"I am hopeful though, because I know it's when we're feeling tired, disengaged and smug that the Holy Spirit can rush through and cleanse us with one big whoosh of Godly breath."

"I take heart from the stories that show that God doesn't always wait around for us. One minute we're the disciple saying, 'That guy on trial? Nope, never seen him before.' Fifty days later, we're transformed into someone who can speak the words that people need so desperately to hear."

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