Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Earthquake in Nepal: How to Help

Another earthquake hit Nepal today.  Once again, I'm thinking about our Vacation Bible School.  We use those pre-packaged curriculums, and this year, long before the earthquakes, we chose the one which uses imagery of Mt. Everest and mountain climbing.

We've been talking about the best response to the Nepal disaster.  Each year, our VBS raises money for a cause, and this year, we'll raise money for Lutheran World Relief, who is doing good work in Nepal and other places.  We're also going to make a quilt or two.

I'm the arts and crafts director, so I've thought about how to incorporate a quilting project into the VBS week.  We have very tiny children, so the thought of lots of needles in the arts and crafts area makes me queasy.  But I have plans:

--In the fellowship hall, I'll have a quilt that needs to be knotted together (much easier/faster than quilting).  We need almost every able-bodied adult to help with VBS, but there are times throughout each night when we're not all needed.  Maybe some people would like to work on quilts as they wait for their time to be needed.  Maybe parents who arrive early or stay later would like to work on this project.

--I'll give each child a square to decorate with fabric markers.  The children can trace their hands and draw other pictures.

I've thought about doing something similar at our school as a service project (less the fabric decorating than assembling a quilt).  Just because Lutheran World Relief is the distributor of quilts doesn't mean that we can't make a quilt as a secular project.

Go here for more information on quilts.  And if quilts aren't your thing, there are other ways to help:  school kits, health/personal care kits, and of course, monetary donations.

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