Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Have We to Offer?

Through the years, I've become aware of the various ways that people leave anonymous offerings around the grounds of Mepkin Abbey.  The first instance I noticed was at this statue, carved out of a fallen tree:

Inside the begging bowl, people leave coins, crosses, all sorts of things:

People leave flowers at the base of statues:

Some flowers find themselves tucked into the hands and arms of marble Mary:

There are several graveyards around the Mepkin grounds and not surprisingly, people leave offerings at the gravestones.

Was this an offering or did these husks find their way naturally?

What do these offerings mean?  Are they a larger statement?  Do people want to simply leave something in return and they have only coins and found items from nature?

I see these as reminders that even when we think we have nothing to offer, we do.

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