Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Mepkin State of Mind

At work, we are finishing all sorts of assessment and accreditation documents.  It's a process that leaves me stranded in front of my computer screen for long hours each day.  How I long to walk through tall grasses.

Yesterday, the stress of it all began to take its toll.  One of my coworkers burst out into a song from the disco era.  She said we'd know she'd gone over the edge when she chose a show tune.  I said, "You could sing in Gregorian Chant, and I could imagine I'm at a monastery where I get my best work done."

As a meditative, calming practice, I have tried to return to sacred places in my head.  I am not skilled at this practice.  Pictures help.

When we question the value of retreat, we should remember that their calming and centering effects can last long after our visit.

We say we can't afford the time to go on retreat.  How can we NOT afford it?

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John Flanagan said...

"Our Lady of Mepkin pray for us?" My goodness, what was the Reformation all about, if one who knows better draws inspiration from a false assurance? Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, never set herself up to be worshipped or promoted to Intercessory co-redemptress, yet by the decree of Papal infallibility and authority, she became thus to millions upon millions of blind followers of a most heretical tenet of Christianity.