Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Way to Serve the Prayer Shawl Group

I have a friend who knits and crochets--she has other friends who knit and crochet.  A few months ago, she talked about all the odds and ends of yarn that she has.  She wondered what to do with them.  I offered to take them to my church's prayer shawl group.

I was expecting a grocery bag full.  But the bag that she gave me takes up half of my car's back seat.  The prayer shawl group is in for a treat.

It's not the textured yarns that I favor.  Of course, I have trouble doing much work with those nubbly yarns with their multiple fibers per strand.

It's a collection of yarns of one color, but what a collection of colors!  There are leftovers from baby blankets and sweaters.  There's a variety of greens from a forest landscape that my friend knitted.  All sorts of treasures.

When she said she had leftovers, I was expecting a small ball here and a tiny scrap there.  But many of the yarns she gave me have most of the skein left.

I'm glad to be able to save these yarns and to give them a new purpose.  I don't have time to make the prayer shawls myself these days.  But I'm happy to be a resource in other ways.

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