Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meeting as Labyrinth, Meeting as Maze

Today we have another day of many meetings.  I've been thinking about the metaphor of a maze or the labyrinth:  which is a better metaphor for this kind of day?

These meetings do feel like there's one way in and one way out.  Will we find solutions along the way?

I confess to being afraid of the solutions we may find.  I need to fix my eyes on a different sign.

And I need to remember the symbols and significance of the broken-to-beautiful cross that we made for the Lutheridge Labyrinth:

At least we walk together.

And we're promised that God works with us.  Here's a prayer that I wrote back in September 2010.  It's worth posting again.

God Who Walks With Us,

On this day when we meet to discuss how the numbers have disappointed those in high positions, help me to remember my purpose on the planet. On this day when we meet to discuss our growth goals, help me to remember our Creator and the meaning of growth. On this day, when we're likely to hear blustering fear about the future of budgets, help me to remember where my riches lie.

Let me be the salt, the yeast, the light. If I must stand in the breach, let me not be torn to shreds, let me not drown.

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