Monday, January 6, 2014

Meditation with Photos for the Feast Day of the Epiphany

We do not always know from what direction our wisdom may come.

Wisdom may travel by camel or across the digital divide.  Wisdom knows the importance of the baby:

Wise people of all sorts may be led by a star or by angel visions or by that steady voice that tells them to look where they haven't found success before.

They will meet many along the way:  despots and the desperate and those who invite them to stay for supper.

Wisdom may come at night, in our dreams, or in broad daylight.  Our task is to be alert.

If God spoke to you now, could you hear?  Or do you keep your distraction level high so that you will not have to hear?

The arrival of wise sages doesn't always mean rich gifts and acclaim.  Sometimes, it means a hasty flight to an alien land.

The word Epiphany also means an insight, often a piercing insight, a life-changing insight.  What epiphanies do we need for 2014?

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