Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Prayers: Gratitude and Supplication

Creator God, today my heart is full of gratitude, as we have passed a milestone in our housing adventure. I have felt your guidance with every step, although I have not been good at trusting it. I have felt that you held us in your hands, that you would not bring us so far only to abandon us. And today, I offer thanks for your constant presence, even in the face of what must have been irritating anxiety.

How grateful am I? Let me count the ways:

I am so grateful that we have moved to our new house. I love the area. It's much quieter.

I am grateful that we sold our old house and that we did it just about as quickly as it is possible to do so. I am grateful that the money found its way to our savings account.

I am grateful for good friends and family who have been encouraging along the way.

I am grateful that I have a full-time job and part-time possibilities that make all of this possible. I am grateful that my spouse does too.

I'm grateful that my spouse is handy with repairs. I'm grateful for my father-in-law and friends who have volunteered to help.

Today my heart is also full of thoughts of those who are not so fortunate. I pray for the people who will never be able to afford a home of any kind. I pray for those who are stuck in their homes that they can barely afford.

My heart is also full of concern for those who are sick and despairing. I pray for friends who are wrestling with chronic disease. I pray for a friend who had surgery this week to remove her breast cancer. I pray for friends who are despairing at the death and disease of loved ones.

I broaden my prayer of supplication, for who among us is not in the above categories? I pray to be able to remember that I am a member of a band of resurrection people. I pray to be reminded of your commitment, Creator God, to this world that you have made. I know that you will not leave us orphaned, and I pray for the strength to always believe that.

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