Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musings: Seasonal Shifts

--As the rest of the nation looks up to realize that fall has arrived, we seem to have sunk back into summer.  But the days, such very hot days, are shorter.  Within the month, perhaps we'll enjoy some cooler temperatures.

--The moon, so recently full, is just a sliver outside my window.  Yes, it's early morning, and the moon is just now rising. 

--I am much more conscious of the moon's trajectory here, where we are two miles closer to the horizon.

--I feel a kind of seasonal shift in me.  I'm ready for a different season, but we've slid back into summer down here in South Florida.  Sigh.

--I love this piece by Rachel Barenblat.  She ponders the past weeks of high holy days and other holidays and the upcoming month that will have no holidays, the only month of the Jewish calendar that will have no holidays.

--Over here in Protestant Christianity, we've been in the time after Pentecost for months and months now.  I could use some festivity.  We've still got some weeks before Reformation Sunday. 

--What I really want?  Advent.  In liturgical time, I love Advent.

--In secular time, I love these months that lead up to Halloween, that wind us to Thanksgiving, and then head towards Christmas.  By Advent, I'm dreading the downtime after Christmas.

--I'm missing the changing of the leaves, the chill in the air, the change in the produce section.  I want some woodsmoke in the air.   I want the comfort of a snuggly sweater.

--For pictures of autumnal foliage, South Florida style, see today's blog post on my creativity blog.

--I should be feeling more settled and centered.  We usually travel a lot in this season, and this year, I'm not.  But I still feel unsettled.

--I loved this sermon given by Nadia Bolz-Weber after her whirlwind book tour.  I have already ordered her book, and it's on its way to me. 

--I'm going to use Bolz-Weber's conclusion to conclude this blog post.  These words spoke to me, and I want to remember them.  I've found that I often go back to reread my blogs and find just what I needed, a nugget posted by me, months or years earlier.  It's one way God speaks to us that is so rarely mentioned.

--Bolz-Weber ends her sermon by saying this:

"And all I have to offer you as your preacher tonight are these field notes of grace and some wisdom from 3 different men who spoke truth to me this week:

*Perhaps we should be present to what is real and not just what we are afraid of.

*There is enough grace for today. And that’s what is real.

*We have stepped out of the boat and are seeing a strong wind. Let’s you and me trust Jesus who is already out on the water with us because he reaches out his hand to catch all who think they are drowning when really they are walking on water by the power of God’s spirit. Amen."

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rbarenblat said...

Thank you for the kind words & for the link! I'm so glad that post spoke to you.

I grew up in south Texas where this season is usually pretty hot and muggy. I think I've adapted pretty well to New England where this time of year means tights and closed-toed shoes and rustling autumn leaves. (In February, though, I'll be wildly envious of all of y'all in warmer climes.)

Wishing you blessings!