Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zen Garden Tranquility in a Christian Tone

It's summer time.  Isn't the living supposed to be easy?

I feel many people coming unraveled, and for all sorts of good reasons.  Deadlines loom.  Hurricane season begins.  A school year ends, and transitional times descend.

I've been trying to utilize every tool for serenity that I have in my spiritual workshop.  I've been breathing deeply.  I've been repeating soothing Bible verses.  I've been repeating that line from Julian of Norwich about all manner of things being well.  I've been trying to distract my frazzled mind.

Today I've wondered if my brain needed a picture to help it focus on the good instead of the possible disaster.  You might need some pictures too.  Here are some photos that I took at this year's Create in Me retreat.  This blog post will focus on gardens. 

First, our version of the Zen sand garden:

Here's a close up:

Before the retreat, one of our potter friends made all sorts of stones with words on them:

It was interesting to see the different configurations that people created:

One of the things that I love about the group of artists that comes to Create in Me is that we don't always do what is suggested, which often leads us to whimsical places:

Which soothes you more, pictures designed to inspire tranquility or whimsical photos designed to make you smile?

Some close ups of the above picture:

May the garden of your mind sprout seeds of peace and tranquility today!

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