Monday, June 24, 2013

The Feast Day of John the Baptist

Today is the feast day that celebrates the birth of John the Baptist.  I have a blog post up at Living Lutheran that celebrates his life and example--but it also offers some solace to those of us who don't feel up to the challenge of adopting him as a role model.  Go here to read it.

This morning I was thinking of the fact that this day celebrates the birth of John the Baptist.  I thought about his mother Elizabeth, how she must have yearned for a child, how her yearnings were finally answered.  Today would be a good day to think about our own yearnings.

What miracles do we need in our lives?  Where and how do we hope that God will answer us?

For those of you who need some encouragement on this day that celebrates a man with hard-core faith, here's a paragraph from the blog piece I wrote:

On this day in June when we celebrate John the Baptist, it’s good to be reminded that I’m not my final, improved version of myself. I still have work to do. And I need to hear that message that the prophets bring us. I’m lazy and inclined to coast, and it’s good to know that God has a vision for me that is vaster than any I could dream myself.

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