Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Feast Day of St. Luke

Today is the feast day of St. Luke.  Many of us remember Luke as a physician--today is a great day to assess our health and to use St. Luke as an inspiration for improvement.

I wrote a full essay over at the Living Lutheran website; go here to read it.

Here's a quote to whet your appetite: 

"Luke is famous as the writer of the Gospel of Luke and Acts, but it’s important to realize that he likely didn’t see himself as writing straight history. He was maintaining a record of amazing events that showed evidence of God’s salvation.

It’s far too easy to ignore evidence of God’s presence in the world. We get bogged down in our own disappointments and our deeper depressions. But we could follow the example of Luke and write down events that we see in our own lives and the life of our congregations that remind us of God’s grace. Even if it’s a practice as simple as a gratitude journal where each day we write down several things for which we’re grateful, we can write our way back to right thinking."

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