Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feast Day of St. Valentine

Of course, February 14, Saint Valentine's Day, hasn't been a true feast day for decades.  But as Christians, why not celebrate love, along with the rest of the Western world?  You may be saying, "But I have no love in my life right now.  I am as solitary as a stone."

But God has good news; you are surrounded by the love of God, in ways you cannot even imagine:

You say that you wish someone would send you flowers?

God sends us bouquets in every season!

If God sent you a Valentine, what would it say?

Of course, God has already sent the ultimate Valentine:

And so we are sent into the world, living sacraments, to be Valentines to one another, to show a weary world the wonders of God's love.

And God is always at your side.

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